Channel 5

Greatest TV Weddings

Radio Design were commissioned by Objective Productions to create a set of broadcast graphics for their prime time countdown clip show, Greatest TV Weddings, commissioned by Channel 5.

We were asked to create the identity for the show – including the title sequence, part break bumpers, 25 number countdown stings to head up each clip, caption straps and 10 backgrounds for green screen interview shots.

In fitting with the showbiz nuptial theme, Radio Design created a tumbling array of glittering confetti, falling ribbons, twinkling stardust and – for a touch of climactic calamity – two relinquished wedding rings. Well, those TV weddings rarely go smoothly do they?

Thanks to David Enbom for the extra Cinema 4D polish on the rings and white ribbons.


Commissioning Channel: Channel 5
Production Company: Objective Productions
Directed by: Ben Cook
Design and Animation: Ben Cook
Cinema 4D: David Enbom