12 Questions Of Christmas sting

T4 asked Radio Design to create an animated sting for their daily morning music programme. It was used throughout December to introduce an interview spot with celebrities and music artists, the idea being they were asked 12 revealing Christmas themed questions… you’d never have guessed.

Always keen to make life more difficult for ourselves, Radio Design decided the most enchanting approach would be to craft the sequence in stop motion from a series of still frames. This involved taking hundreds of photographs of a brown cardboard box, and then compositing each frame with our home made wrapping paper. We added some gloss in After Effects and polished off the sequence with a bit of shiny glass 3D type using Cinema 4D.

Despite the labour intensive workflow the process was thoroughly rewarding. We were very pleased with the final results, and the client kindly made a point of letting us know that they were too.


Client: T4
Production Company: Eyeworks
Directed by: Ben Cook
Design and Animation: Ben Cook