Radio Design

Tune In ident

We made a handsome logo ident to bookend our showreel, and are so proud of the results we thought it deserved a page all of it’s own as well.

Our starting point creatively was ‘Tune In’, which threw up some great initial ideas. After experimenting with several design routes ranging from glossy 3D graphics to particle experiments we settled on this clean vector approach.

Researching references for the graphic style, we turned to Deiter Rams’ classic radio designs for Braun in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Looking at the clean aesthetic of his visual language convinced us that 2D was the way to go with this, and felt it would definitely represent the most playful and charming brand story.

It was really fun to create the sound design in house too – dusting off a Roland Juno-106 for that distinctly analogue feel.


Designed, Animated & Directed by: Ben Cook
Audio: Ben Cook