Architectural film

Radio Design were commissioned by Lost In Space to create and direct an architectural visualization film for Barton Willmore, a leading UK property planning and design consultancy.

The film presents Barton Willmore’s architectural concept for a proposed development in Saudi Arabia, the King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (KA-CARE). Central to the to concept are the principles of sustainability and environmental harmony.

A key challenge in making the film was to stand out from the gleaming glass and chrome aesthetic usually applied to architectural visualization. The organic concept warranted an original treatment that would appeal on a more emotional and┬ácompassionate level. The solution was to tell a story. Our film depicts a young boy standing on a desert dune who catches a windblown seed, which he then plants. From the seed grows the visualizations of the projected development in the Saudi desert. In an impassioned appeal the young boy calls for a city that is inspired by the lessons of nature – a city that is in harmony with it’s surroundings, is sustainable in energy and water, and grows organically with its inhabitants to become a better place for the children of the future.

Radio Design were pleased to be involved in such an innovative proposal that could harness the art of visual storytelling to communicate such a strong corporate message.


Client: Barton Willmore
Agency: Lost In Space
Directed by: Ben Cook
Produced by: Christian Hogue
Design and animation: Ben Cook
Sound: Nadeem Khan