Ben Cook speaks at VR World on the panel ‘Can VR Make Us Feel More?’


Ben Cook VR World

VR World is a 2 day conference held at Olympia, London, focusing on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. The event hosts 150 speakers and over 1000 attendees.

Ben was invited to speak on the panel ‘Can VR Make Us Feel More?’. Fellow speakers included Alastair Barrow (Genetic Robotics), S.Shyam Sundar (Penn State University) and Luciana Carvalho Se (Rewind), and the session was chaired by Giulia Carosella (IDC).

The discussion centred on how virtual reality experiences can induce feelings in the user, and looked at some of the broader implications. Topics raised included the effect of VR on developing minds in children, how it can shape perception and credibility in news and media content, its use in healthcare and pain relief, and how haptic technology is extending our physical interactions in VR.