Dassault Systemes

Conference launch film

Dassault Systemes are a software company specialising in CAD and simulation tools which enable users to design products in 3D (just in case you didn’t know).

Radio Design were commissioned by Casual Films to create an animated brand promo for Dassault Systemes, to be used to launch their 2011 annual conference in Las Vegas with a bang. The primary objective was to celebrate the broad outreach of Dassault Systemes’s software product, which spans a wide range of industry sectors from aviation and transport to consumer packaging and life sciences. The spectacular end result is a big bang inspired fly-through, where a Dassault Systemes universe is born in a flash of light, sending planets representing each industry sector out into the void. After visiting each planet, the film culminates with the universe retracting into a singularity to create a master planet – the Dassault Systemes logo.

Radio Design co-directed the film with Nick Francis (Casual Films) and created the design and animation. Additional 3D animation by Adam Jones and Tim Francis (Casual Films).

A key challenge in making the film was to create a seamlessly smooth interplanetary camera move. After experimenting in Cinema 4D with unsatisfactory results, we opted to build the main project in After Effects, which could control the camera and also allow us to take advantage of various particle effects for the nebula and space atmospherics. Many late nights of motion path bezier curve tweaking ensued! The majority of the planets were then created as separate compositions in Cinema 4D and imported into the After Effects project with alpha channels.


Client: Dassault Systemes
Agency: Casual Films/The Frameworks
Directed by: Ben Cook and Nick Francis
Design and Animation: Ben Cook, Adam Jones, Tim Francis